The Morello Family

You are the most powerful mafia family in the city. But which one of you is the mole?

In the prosperous but deeply corrupt city, the powerful Morello family rules. Beyond their legitimate businesses, they secure their power by doing dirty underworld jobs. But a few rival family members decide to infiltrate the family and try to overthrow the Morellos from within by secretly sabotaging their underworld dealings. Will they succeed? Or will the Morellos discover the mole among themselves in time? It’s all up to you!

The Morello Family is an online team-building game in which players primarily play as members of a mafia family who collectively decide the success of their underworld jobs. However, some players secretly play the role of moles, with the secret goal of sabotaging these underworld jobs.  As a mobster, try to expose the moles, and as a mole, try to divert attention from yourself while constantly thwarting the Morellos. So the main task of the players is not only to judge the success or failure of the mafia family’s business, but also to observe the actions and decisions of their fellow players to find out who is really with them and who is really playing against them.



For teams of 6-10
390 per event
  • 1 team
  • For 6-10 participants
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Crew: 1 Game Master & 1 Technician
  • Platform: Zoom & Mentimeter
  • Cooperative | Hidden roles | Tactics | Bluffing | Human nature

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed. The game is played via video call with the help of a Game Master. While you have to use an online voting interface (Mentimeter) as well, we recommend using a desktop PC or laptop with a camera for a more comfortable gaming experience and a smartphone for voting, but it all works from a single internet browser as well. The game does not require any prior preparation beyond the technical requirements, and the exact gameplay will be explained by the game master.

No canned experience: everything takes place live. At the agreed starting time, our facilitators are ready to greet you and your team in our virtual meeting room and will be present throughout the entire event.

All our games are available in English.

We are located in Hungary – and therefore we also offer all our games in Hungarian. If you are interested in our Hungarian versions – please visit our site

We will facilitate everything from the moment we enter the virtual room and guide you throughout the entire game. Besides a computer with internet access a webcam and speaker & microphone, there is no preparation or downloading needed from the participants. Maybe just a pen and some paper.

We highly recommend that you do, so that you can have the best experience at your virtual event. Most devices such as smartphones, laptops and iPads come with webcams as standard. Throughout the game, you will need to interact each other, so it will be easier if you use these devices.

Yes, you definitely will. You will need to be able to join to a video conference platform with your team, so you can participate in the fun and interact together.

After booking the event you can sit back and relax. We only ask you for one small thing: 

We will send you an invitation with the link of the exact game you will attend and we’ll thank you for sharing it with your colleagues. We can of course do this if you ask us to, but in this case, we need to ask each participant for their consent in advance so that we can process their personal data in accordance with the GDPR regulation. This is time-consuming for them and for us. We do not insist, in fact, that we know the participants’ details (name, email address). So if you send them the invitation we generate, it will be a great help.


After sending out the invitation, we take care of the whole event from start to finish. Once we get started, there is nothing you need to do. You can participate on equal terms with your colleagues.

However many of our programs include competitive elements, the competition is always friendly, with the ultimate focus on the overall outcome. Winners are typically declared and determined by accumulated points throughout the event. We believe in the building power of community, so we don’t furnish prizes, aside from bragging rights. However, if you would like to add some tangible prizes or recognition to the program, let us know in advance and we’ll find the best solution for you.

In lots of circumstances, we can show you the environment of the game so you can get a real feel for how the different experiences work. But if we show you a much deeper insight into the program, you may not be able to participate in the same way as the others. Alternatively, we’re always happy to talk through all the different programsso you can really get to understand how they work and what would best fit your team.

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