Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

After many years of experience in it, we certainly hope so. But jokes aside, we have many returning customers with teams all around the globe to participate in one of our games from our ever-growing palette. Their trust is our confidence in the programs we provide.

In addition to being fun, it can also be a great assessment tool for a later development process. The games themselves are a fun way to develop communication skills, cooperation and to observe team dynamics. If you wish, we can involve our trainer colleagues during the game, who are present as observers and can give you an insight of the team’s status.

We’re always happy to help with this. Most clients begin by exploring event pages here on our site. But feel free to reach out at any point. And if you’re looking for something you don’t see? We may be able to help there too – just let us know.

No canned experience: everything takes place live. At the agreed starting time, our facilitators are ready to greet you and your team in our virtual meeting room and will be present throughout the entire event.

The facilitators can be highly-trained professionals or actors as the game demands. But all have the experience and sensitivity needed to provide pure, unbridled fun. And all are on a mission to make sure your first [eureka]-experience will become the first of many.
It depends on the selected game and the number of participants. We facilitate everything from start to finish. Regardless of the selected program, participants will always have at least one game master who leads the entire game. For events with many participants, we’ll provide several game masters that will attend and assist in the game and/or act as a backup with technical aspects, team distribution, etc.

All our games are available in English.

We are located in Hungary – and therefore we also offer all our games in Hungarian. If you are interested in our Hungarian versions – please visit our site

It depends on the program. We provide games for small teams (up to 10 participants) to large crowds (up to several hundred). We designed our games to provide the best experience to the participants in the range shown in the descriptions. If you need any further info about it, or you have special requests, please contact us and we will see if we can adjust it to your needs.

Booking & Payment FAQ

Chances are, yes, we are available. As all our events are live and are facilitated by real game masters, our resources are finite. However, we are extremely flexible and will do our best to find you the ideal date and timeframe. Feel free to contact us – we would be happy to check a specific date or several specific dates for availability.
Yes, you can change the date up to 10 days before. We try to keep it as flexible as we can, so if you want to change the date of the program, just contact us, and we will find a better suited day for you.
For perspective, our clients typically look ahead between two weeks and two months. And for a general rule, we can manage all our events given at least two weeks’ notice. However, if you’re looking for a program sooner, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to make your [eureka] experience as enjoyable as possible. Our team can provide you with all the information you need the day you contact us, either by email, phone, or online call.
In lots of circumstances, we can show you the environment of the game so you can get a real feel for how the different experiences work. But if we show you a much deeper insight into the program, you may not be able to participate in the same way as the others. Alternatively, we’re always happy to talk through all the different programs so you can really get to understand how they work and what would best fit your team.

To make a reservation, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail, phone or online call, where you can discuss the details with one of our colleagues. You will then receive an offer from us by e-mail. If you accept this offer and confirm it by e-mail, we will send you the contract and the advance payment request form to order the service.

Our games can be booked and finalised by paying a deposit. The deposit is 50% of the program price. The deposit is refundable if you cancel at least 15 working days before the start of the program. In this case, please feel free to contact us with a new date. If cancelled within 15 working days of the service date, the deposit will not be refunded, but we will try to be as flexible as possible and work with you to find another suitable date.

The booking is considered final when the receipt of the deposit for the service is confirmed and the relevant contract is signed by the you and received by us.

Know more on our Booking page.

You can pay the deposit (advance payment) by bank transfer or online bank card payment (OTP Simple Pay). Same way with the remaining service fee:  you can pay the remaining fee by bank transfer or online bank card payment (OTP Simple Pay) within 15 days after the service is completed (we can extend this period if required). In case of bank card payment, we charge an extra 5% transaction fee.

We normally require a deposit to make a reservation. This is necessary so that you can secure your date and we can safely prepare your entertainment.

We bring several team members to each game, at least two, but sometimes up to ten. When you are booking, their time is booked as well and they are ready to play with you at a professional level. If you change your mind right before the event, they’ve prepared for you unnecessarily. 

Our games can be booked and finalised by paying a deposit. The deposit is 50% of the program price. The deposit is refundable if you cancel at least 15 working days before the start of the program. In this case, please feel free to contact us with a new date. If cancelled within 15 working days of the service date, the deposit will not be refunded, but we will try to be as flexible as possible and work with you to find another suitable date.

The booking is considered final when the receipt of the deposit for the service is confirmed and the the relevant contract is signed by the you and received by us.

Sure! Every time. We will issue an invoice for the advance (deposit) and the final amount, which will be sent to you via the Billingo online billing software. The invoice will be issued electronically and can be sent by post on request.

Prices are net prices and do not include VAT. For services inside the EU, the EU VAT guidelines apply. For services outside the EU, the international service guidelines apply.

Basically, if your company is based in the EU and has an EU VAT ID, then so-called reverse charge applies. You can find more useful information about reverse charge on the official website of EU.

If your company is located outside the EU, our service is VAT-free.

If your company is located in Hungary, we will apply the VAT (27%).

If you order multiple team-building games together, we can offer you a discount on the prices, which must be agreed individually. The mutually agreed prices, reduced by any discounts, will be set out in the contract of engagement to be concluded between you and [eureka].

For 2 games ordered together, the discount is 10% from the total price.
For 3 games ordered together, the discount is 15% from the total price.
For 4 or more games ordered together, the discount is 20% from the total price.

Yes, we do.

Although we currently have a contract with one provider, OTP Simple Pay. OTP is the largest bank in Hungary and one of the largest banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe, with a reliable technical background – so paying on their platform is completely secure. You can pay with MasterCard, Maestro, Visa. Unfortunately, we don’t accept American Express.

Once you have placed your order, we will send you an online advance payment request including a payment link. Clicking on this link will open the OTP Simple Pay payment page, where you can make the payment based on the deposit request. After the event, we will send you the final invoice, which you can also pay by clicking on the payment link.

Unfortunately, we have to charge a 5% fee for credit card transactions.

We are currently unable to accept any other credit card payment methods, but we are working on expanding these options.

Sorry, but you can’t pay with it. The online credit card payment system does not accept American Express.

In this case, we ask you to choose bank transfer.

Preparation FAQ

We will facilitate everything from the moment we enter the virtual room and guide you throughout the entire game. Besides a computer with internet access a webcam and speaker & microphone, there is no preparation or downloading needed from the participants. Maybe just a pen and some paper.

After booking the event you can sit back and relax. We only ask you for one small thing:

We will send you an invitation with the link of the exact game you will attend and we’ll thank you for sharing it with your colleagues. We can of course do this if you ask us to, but in this case, we need to ask each participant for their consent in advance so that we can process their personal data in accordance with the GDPR regulation. This is time-consuming for them and for us. We do not insist, in fact, that we know the participants’ details (name, email address). So if you send them the invitation we generate, it will be a great help.

After sending out the invitation, we take care of the whole event from start to finish. Once we get started, there is nothing you need to do. You can participate on equal terms with your colleagues.

The short answer is no. The long answer is still no. For the majority of our events, you don’t need to send us any data of the participants. We simply send you an invitation in advance via email with everything you need to know. You just need to forward that to everyone taking part.

Absolutely. We can creatively incorporate your tagline, new product launch theme, or other branding elements into just about any of our events. We even have an entire game that is all about supporting your workplace community and specific messaging. Every solution is different – we’d love to talk about yours.

The most common platform for virtual events is Zoom, given its popularity and functionality. Zoom has very user-friendly functions for most of our events, including the use of a high volume of breakout rooms and in-call personal messages for secret identity games. We can also host most of our games on many other platforms preferred by different companies. Virtual events can be run on the likes of Microsoft Teams, Cisco WEBEX, and Google Meet.

During the game FAQ

Our games can be conducted both during the day and throughout the evening. We can start at whatever time suits you the best – after checking the timezone you are located in.
It depends on the nature of the game, but in most cases, participants will be divided into several teams. The number of teams depends on the final number of participants, but as a rule of thumb, you can plan for a team of between 6-10 people in the online space. We only go above 10 people in very exceptional cases. As a general rule, the allocation of teams is random, i.e. each participant is randomly assigned to a team. Should you wish to determine the allocation of the team in advance is possible if you discuss it with one of our colleagues in advance.
However many of our programs include competitive elements, the competition is always friendly, with the ultimate focus on the overall outcome. Winners are typically declared and determined by accumulated points throughout the event. We believe in the building power of community, so we don’t furnish prizes, aside from bragging rights. However, if you would like to add some tangible prizes or recognition to the program, let us know in advance and we’ll find the best solution for you.
Yes, you definitely will. You will need to be able to join to a video conference platform with your team, so you can participate in the fun and interact together.
We highly recommend that you do, so that you can have the best experience at your virtual event. Most devices such as smartphones, laptops and iPads come with webcams as standard. Throughout the game, you will need to interact each other, so it will be easier if you use these devices.

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