We are [eureka].

Our goal is to create more and more workplaces where people enjoy working together. We develop high-trust & high-performance teams where everyone can thrive! Because work doesn’t suck.

What is the [eureka] effect?

It’s the combination of precise planning, geekness and the ability to create a direct atmosphere that can make your event, team-building and workshops a WOW-experience.

We easily build an atmosphere of trust with the leaders and teams that work with us. This boosts the free flow of ideas, the learning of new things, the emergence of new concepts and helps you to strengthen professional relationships, whether within a team or across your organization.

What do we believe in?

We believe that excellence at work and fun are not mutually exclusive. Our common goal is to create more and more workplaces where people enjoy working together and have fun.

We cover the needs from organizational development to professional & fun team-building games because we believe that people are always at the heart of improvement. By building on people, strengths and teamwork, we move not just organizations but mountains.

(A few of) our happy clients:

Meet our team

The source of the [eureka]-effect


Founder, CEO


Head of [eureka] Games, Event Organizer, Actor


The Mastermind Game Designer


The Award-Winning Board Game Designer, Improv Actor


Game Master, Host


Game Master, Actor


Director, Actor, Photo Double of Nicolas Cage*


Game Master


Game Master, Actor


Game Master, Coach


Game Master, Actor

* Yes. Really. Just watch the movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.
Or the Marvel series: Moon Knight. You will recognize him.  Hopefully. 
He is our kinda star.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After many years of experience in it, we certainly hope so. But jokes aside, we have many returning customers with teams all around the globe to participate in one of our games from our  ever-growing palette. Their trust is our confidence in the programs we provide.

In addition to being fun, it can also be a great assessment tool for a later development process. The games themselves are a fun way to develop communication skills,cooperation and to observe team dynamics. If you wish, we can involve our trainer colleagues during the game, who are present as observers and can give you an insight of the team’s status.

No canned experience: everything takes place live. At the agreed starting time, our facilitators are ready to greet you and your team in our virtual meeting room and will be present throughout the entire event.

It depends on the selected game and the number of participants. We facilitate everything from start to finish.

Regardless of the selected program, participants will always have at least one game master who leads the entire game.

For events with many participants, we’ll provide several game masters that will attend and assist in the game and/or act as a backup with technical aspects, team distribution, etc.

The facilitators can be highly-trained professionals or actors as the game demands. But all have the experience and sensitivity needed to provide pure, unbridled fun. And all are on a mission to make sure your first [eureka]-experience will become the first of many.

In lots of circumstances, we can show you the environment of the game so you can get a real feel for how the different experiences work. But if we show you a much deeper insight into the program, you may not be able to participate in the same way as the others. Alternatively, we’re always happy to talk through all the different programsso you can really get to understand how they work and what would best fit your team.